Birthday Party Feature: 64 Zoo Lane Inspired 3rd Birthday Bash

64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane!

We love watching 64 Zoo Lane on PBS at our house.  I feel like it is not as hugely popular as it should be!  It is an absolutely adorable children’s show about a little girl, Lucy, who lives on 64 Zoo Lane.  She slides down Georgina the Giraffe’s neck each night into the zoo where her zoo friends tell her sweet bedtime stories with valuable lessons to be learned {of course}.

For my own daughter’s 3rd birthday party I styled a 64 Zoo Lane inspired celebration.  I mainly focused on the bright fun colors, but also brought in the night sky and some trees and animals here and there.  The treats on the table all focused around the show.

64 Zoo Lane Cake Collage (1)

The unbelievable cake was created by Stella with Stellar Cakes and Cupcakes.  She is out of this world talented!  I sent her the image below and she NAILED it!  The top tier was an amazing lemon cake and the bottom a fun snickerdoodle creation; both DIVINE!


To compliment our fun cake, I made candy coated marshmallow pops in yellow and blue {to match the lovely Georgina Giraffe}, added a platter of sour gummy worms {to pay tribute to the fabulous Esmerelda Snake}, and of course I snatched up some of our gluten free older daughter’s favorite cupcakes from Stuffed Cakes in West Seattle and cleverly named them after the healthy, intelligent, Dr. Gordon Gorilla.

And, where or where did I find the darling little girl sitting atop the cake?  Grammy, aka my mother, made that tiny beauty to look like my adorable little Ella dressed in the same jammies as cute lil Lucy.  I keep telling her to open her own Etsy shop and I will be sure to announce it when she does!

What else did I adore about this particular celebration?

Ella's 64 Zoo Lane Birthday Details Collage

And so, so much more!

My Ella had a perfect day with friends and family and the LOUDEST Happy Birthday serenade I have ever heard.

Ella 3rd Birthday Collage

Happy Birthday Ella!



  1. Wow, what a fantastic cake. Happy Birthday Ella!

    from Georgina the Giraffe, Esmeralda the Snake, Gordon the Gorilla and An Vrombaut (creator of 64 Zoo Lane)

    • confettigrove says:

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It means a lot that you even stopped by! We are so, so glad that 64 Zoo Lane is around!


  1. […] too.  Stuffed Cakes in West Seattle always does a great job!  Did you already see my Ella’s 64 Zoo Lane inspired 3rd birthday celebration?  My older daughter was gluten-free for awhile so we had a handful of gluten-free Stuffed Cakes […]

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