Holiday Feature: A Very Merry Tailgating Christmas {GO HO HO Seahawks!}

 The time for holiday parties is upon us!

Christmas trees, stockings, mistletoe, bright lights and, of course, FOOTBALL!

One day a week I work for my husband’s family’s business, Gary’s Process Service.  Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party, but switched it up a bit.  My in-laws decided to go a little less fancy and a whole lot more footbally.

I happen to live in Seattle.  We are home to a little team you may have heard of – SEAHAWKS!

To celebrate the holiday season, an amazing staff at GPS and the best team in the NFL… I present to you A Very Merry Tailgating Christmas!

A Very Merry Tailgating Christmas Sign-0351

Tailgating Christmas Entry-0349

Keg Cup Christmas Wreath 2-0362

My ingenius keg cup wreath!  This gem of a creation came to me in a moment of total frustration.  None of my other tailgating party projects were going the way I had planned.  Then I saw a foam wreath form in a box and remembered I had a bag of keg cups…



Funny how creativity works sometimes.

I am thinking about sharing a short tutorial if I can find a spare minute.

I love this wreath!

Keg Cup Christmas Wreath Cups Hanger Close-0360

Dessert Table Display-0342

Dessert Display Side-0311

Pete Carroll Nutcracker with Scoreboard-0333

Pete Carroll!  The nutcracker!

Quarterback Cupcake-0301 Stand Cupcakes Close-0310 Pom Pom Cupcake Topper-0331 Kaepernick Cupcake Topper-0412

Kaepernick, you are probably a nice guy.  Who knows.

Scoreboard Close Up-0314

Pete Carroll Nutcracker with Sign-0334

Maia U Mad Bro-0420

My gorgeous daughter Maia has the best mean mug I have ever seen.  She has been making this face since she was a baby.  It just so happens to fit perfectly with one of my favorite cupcake toppers, “U Mad Bro?”  Oh, Richard Sherman, we love you and your fire!

Stand Cupcakes-0309 Fingerprint Cupcake-0323

I love the colors in this cupcake photo.  I especially like the tiny finger poke detail… oh, my sweet little Ella.  She loves frosting.

Field Cupcakes-0297

Dessert Cupcake Sign-0322

The cupcakes were not only pleasing to the eye, but the tummy too.  Stuffed Cakes in West Seattle always does a great job!  Did you already see my Ella’s 64 Zoo Lane inspired 3rd birthday celebration?  My older daughter was gluten-free for awhile so we had a handful of gluten-free Stuffed Cakes for our non-gluten folks.  Stuffed Cakes always has a great selection of gluten-free and vegan cupcakes too!

Cleats Cupcake Bottoms-0325

Paper cleats for my Hawk’s football player cupcakes.  Darling right?  These, along with pretty much every other paper detail you see were cut with my Silhouette Cameo.  I swear that machine is worth every penny and more!

Cheering Instructions Cupcake Topper-0408

The Seattle Seahawks have the world’s BEST football fans.  We have the Guiness World Record for noise for goodness sake.  When we go to a game we leave with tired feet and stressed vocal chords.  San Francisco fans are a little different.  Did you see the letter 49ers issued to “fans” telling them how to cheer?  So, San Francisco lucked out and didn’t lose THIS game.  Doesn’t mean they don’t suck in general.  I still stand by my statement in Step 4.  GO HAWKS!

Food Table Display-0429

Goal Post-0381

The festive goal post tree and tree skirt were a fun addition.  I had some issues with constructing the post.  I will admit for a little bit I was ready to quit.  I may have even thrown all of my dowel pieces at one point…

Clearly I worked it out.  Sometimes you just have to walk away for a day or two.

Goal Post Ornament-0390 Go Ho Ho Goal Post-0388

Player Goal Post Stockings-0379

Yardline Close Up-0328

All of the numbers you see on the table cover fields and teeny tiny stockings were cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

Tailgating Food Labels-0400

Beecher's Macaroni Food Label-0428

If you are a fellow Seattle-ite then I hope you already know about Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.  Beecher’s macaroni and cheese is only the best macaroni you will ever have.  So rich and creamy and amazing.  This SIX POUND tray lasted about 10 minutes.

Most of the delicious BBQ spread was prepared by Cedar River Smokehouse Barbeque in Renton, WA with the exception of some phenomenal ribs made by my husband.  He definitely knows his way around a barbeque!

We definitely had A Very Merry Tailgating Christmas!


Event Styling:  Confetti Grove

Photography:  Confetti Grove

Dessert:  Stuffed Cakes

Catering:  Cedar River Smokehouse Barbeque

Best Football Team in the World:  Seattle Seahawks



  1. This is amazing! I am totally stealing your idea for the cupcakes! LOL

    Thank you..

  2. So fun, getting ready for the Big Game on Sunday! Your party was over the top! thanks for the inspiration…go Hawks!

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