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10 Tone-Up Tweaks to Get a Better Burn It happens to the

10 Tone-Up Tweaks to Get a Better Burn It happens to the best of us. Your gym routine becomes just that — a routine. Bust out of your plateau and burn more fat with these strength training tweaks from the pros. Push-ups: Normally very boring but here is a way to change it up. After you do a full push up and have reached the top you’re your rep reach your right and left leg off the ground. Return to start and do a full push-up and switch and lift your left arm and right leg off the ground. Jump your feet in towards your hands and then jump your whole body up towards the sky. Repeat Bent over row: Another free weight exercise we all know. Bend down with a slight bend in your knees and your back flat. Lean forward until your body makes a 90 degree angle. Lift your left leg off the ground and balance on your right. Now row your arms in making a full rowing motion. Repeat all reps on this leg. Next set lift the right leg off the ground. Bicep Curls Stand on a Bosu ball or balance on one leg while doing your bicep curl will get more muscle fibers then if you had both feet planted on the ground. Also you can try leaning up against a wall or sitting on a bench with a back on it to focus on just your biceps. This makes sure you don’t swing your body to lift the weights. Triceps Kickback This is challenging but a great twist on your normal triceps workout. In a push-up position with a free weight in each hand, make sure your arms are close to your sides. With hands under shoulders do a push-up, at the top bring one arm up to your side and then kick your forearm back for a triceps kickback. Place weight back down on the ground and lift the other arm up to your side and kick your forearm back for a triceps kickback. Repeat from start. Shoulder Press Balance is the best way to get more muscle fibers for shoulders as well as all the other muscles in your body. Try doing shoulder exercises on a Bosu or on one leg. Leg Press Same old leg press you use both legs which means your dominate leg will stay that way because it makes up for the weaker on. Try using one leg for all reps and then repeat on the other leg. Leg Curl Same as Leg Press exercise. Use one leg at a time to really isolate each leg on its own.Amy Westmoreland

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