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When I was Isabelle, I read. I read an awful lot. Myself,

When I was Isabelle, I read. I read an awful lot. Myself, in that vessel, loved books and understood them. I cried when the characters cried, I laughed when they laughed and it is sometimes disappointing when I don't feel the true entirety of books now. However there are quotes from the books that I read that will always make me feel something, and, even without my extraordinary memory, I will never forget. One such quote is 'It hurt because it mattered.' By a brilliant author named John Green. And I live every life by it. The amount of pain I have felt in my lives always amounts into a bigger picture, a bigger story. I learn from it. Just as when we grow we learn not to run with our hands in our pockets, just as we learn not to walk barefoot over rocky paths. I think of every painful memory as a word in my chronicles. They themselves can be heartbreaking, they can be meaningless, but without them the story wouldn't make sense. I have been the protagonist in the stories I've lived. I have been the antagonist. I have been a love interest. A bystander. A beginning. And end. A plot twist. But most importantly I have been the writer. And I want to keep writing my own stories, I want to keep writing them by the beautiful, painful or seemingly meaningless things that I have learned. I will adapt my stories to be truly spectacular, filled with lessons and morals and plot twists and with everything I've seen, I know I cannot focus on the small things, the things that do not matter. The things that cannot hurt. I have to focus on the things that can; love, fear, emotion, humanity. I don't want to look back and see centuries of mistakes. I want to look back and see perfectly written stories. Stories that I would want to read to the world. However, I have quite possibly an infinity of lives to write my stories, you might hear of one one day, but you only have time to write one. So I ask you, on behalf of all your readers, win by quality and not quantity. Make your story a best seller!Castiel Novak

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